How to use backticks in Markdown code blocks

If you are using inline code in Markdown, you might want to include backticks. To achieve this, use two backticks to create the code block: will turn into This is a backtick: `

How to write partial derivatives in LaTeX

Partial derivatives is something I always forget how to write when using Markdown Notes. If you are looking for the right symbols to create a partial derivative in LaTeX, this is how it’s done: \frac{\partial v}{\partial t} You can omit \frac if you don’t want a vertical fraction.

PHP quick tip: shorthand isset()

Did you know you can use multiple parameters with isset() in PHP? The function will only return true if all elements are set: if(isset($var, $var2, $var3)){…}

Get the number of lines of code for a project

If you want to get the total line count for a project, you can simply combine the find and wc commands. In the example below, we get the number of lines of code for all PHP, JavaScript and CSS files under a given directory: find [directory] -name ‘*.php’ -o -name ‘*.js’ -o -name ‘*.css’ | […]

Quick tip: the yellow USB port on ThinkPads

There is a yellow USB port on most Lenovo ThinkPads. Ever wondered what this port does? This USB port is powered even when your laptop is shut down so you can charge your portable devices. How convenient!

Quick tip: delete and skip the trash

Want to delete you collection of duck videos right away? In Windows Explorer, press Shift+delete to skip the trash and delete selected files. There is not an equivalent command in OS X, but you can always use the rm command in Terminal.

Quick tips: Gmail

Did you know Gmail lets you add tags to your emails? Let’s say your email is You could also use to subscribe to a site, and the emails would still reach your inbox. Since you filter emails by destination address, you could create a filter that automatically assigns a tag to those emails, […]

Quick tips: Photoshop layers

In Photoshop, you can hide all but one layer by holding Alt and clicking the eye icon next to the layer you want to stay visible.

Universal browser quick tips

These little-known tips will make web browsing easier and faster. Have any more to suggest? Leave a comment. Middle-clicking a tab will close it. Middle-clicking a link will open it in a new tab. You can also middle-click the task bar preview in Windows to close the tab or window. Ctrl+Shift+T will open the last […]