Google Drive trash won’t empty? Here’s the fix

When you try to empty the Google Drive trash, it sometimes seems as if the files are not being deleted. When you reload the page, the files are still there, and the space isn’t freed. The solution is really simple: just wait! Google Drive takes a while to delete the files in the trash. If […]

How to fix “READ ERROR” on Fujifilm cameras

You might get a grey screen that says “READ ERROR” when you try to view your photos on a Fujifilm camera. I had this issue on my X-T10 camera, but this issue happens with all Fujifilm X-series cameras. The issue is caused by hidden files and folders created on the memory card when you read […]

Office 2011 activation server unavailable? Here’s the fix

After almost a year after freshly installing MacOS, the time finally came for me to need the festering pile of ██ that is Microsoft Office 2011. Naturally, something was broken. The activation screen refused to accept the license key I had used 5 minutes earlier to download the installer, stating that the activation server was […]

Fix line break issues with FileZilla

Occasionally, you might run into various line break issues with FileZilla. For instance, you might have double line breaks instead or no line breaks at all. To fix this issue, change the transfer type to binary by going in Menu, Transfer type, Binary. Your line breaks should now work properly in your text editor of […]

Fix “Unable to open this Internet site” when downloading files in IE

Have you received the following error while downloading an attachment in Internet Explorer? Unable to download [file] from [domain]. Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later. This seemingly random bug is fortunately pretty easy to fix. Nake sure you set the following […]

How to force Apache to serve UTF-8 by default in .htaccess

If you want to serve all text files as unicode by default, add the following line to your .htaccess: AddDefaultCharset utf-8 You can also set the encoding on individual file types using AddCharset: AddCharset utf-8 .html .css .js .php

A super quick Ruby primer for Python and PHP programmers

Recently, I’ve been looking at learning Ruby, but couldn’t find a tutorial that didn’t take me for a complete idiot. As you might expect, Ruby has a pretty standard way of adding two and two, setting variables and whatnot. Instead of wasting your time with the obvious stuff, let me walk you through Ruby like […]

Common pocketsphinx mistakes and how to fix them

In the past few months, I have been using pocketsphinx as the speech recognition engine for a personal project. Unfortunately, pocketsphinx is one of the old school open source projects with lacking documentation, uncommented source code and very limited examples. If you are used to the new wave of heavily documented open source projects, you […]

Twitter apps and localhost

If you have tried creating a Twitter app with localhost as the callback URL, you might have received an URL invalid error message. All you have to do is use instead. Simple, isn’t it?