Registering a .CA domain – what the CIRA wants

If you read this, then you are probably trying to register a .ca domain and wondering what the heck is wrong with your organization name. Every time I try to register a .ca, I end up with Organization name is invalid or Valid CIRA word required. I try using my full name, my initials, anything, […]

Quick tips: text selection

Here are some quick tips regarding text selection. These don’t really fit in any category, but can help any coder. Double click then drag around to select entire words instead of individual letters. The keyboard equivalent is Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right when your cursor is placed on a line of text. Triple-clicking and dragging usually selects paragraphs. You […]

How to fix long page load times on Heroku

If you have a free Heroku instance, you might sometimes face a long first page load time on your web application. This is because Heroku will shut down your instance after a while if nobody visits your site. This is a problem I have encountered with Bill Splitter since my girlfriend and I were the […]

Change the logon keyboard layout in Windows 7

If you have recently changed keyboard layouts on Windows 7, you might have realized the logon screen isn’t necessarily changing its keyboard layout. To fix this, go in Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Welcome screen and new user accounts and click Copy Settings

Universal browser quick tips

These little-known tips will make web browsing easier and faster. Have any more to suggest? Leave a comment. Middle-clicking a tab will close it. Middle-clicking a link will open it in a new tab. You can also middle-click the task bar preview in Windows to close the tab or window. Ctrl+Shift+T will open the last […]