Use Sublime Text’s Package Control behind a proxy

If you are using a password-protected proxy with Package Control, you might have trouble listing new packages. To solve this problem, set your proxy settings under Preferences > Package settings > Package Control > Settings – Default. Change the proxy_username and proxy_password setting to those your proxy uses, and you will be good to go!

How to disable the Chrome notification icon in OS X

In a recent Chrome update, a new bell icon popped up in the OS X notification bar. You can disable this icon in 3 easy steps: Open chrome://flags Disable “Enable Rich Notifications” Restart Chrome It’s gone! May 2014 update: It’s now called “Notification Center behavior”, and you must set it to “Never show” There is […]

How to preview your PSDs on your iPhone

If you wish to see how your designs would look like on a mobile screen with very little overhead, I recommend you try LiveView. I’ve been using it to compare a mobile website with the original designs, and it’s working great for me. LiveView takes a part of your screen and broadcasts it to connected […]