How to disable the Chrome notification icon in OS X

In a recent Chrome update, a new bell icon popped up in the OS X notification bar. You can disable this icon in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open chrome://flags
  2. Disable “Enable Rich Notifications”
  3. Restart Chrome

It’s gone!

May 2014 update: It’s now called “Notification Center behavior”, and you must set it to “Never show”

There is also a very interesting flag, “Tab Overview”, that lets you swipe down to see your tabs like in Expose.

7 comments on “How to disable the Chrome notification icon in OS X

  1. As of Version 35.0.1916.114, there is no “Enable Rich Notifications” to disable! Therefore, if anyone has a new hack to rid our menubars of that wicked Bell icon, please share!

  2. Chrome 36 does away with the need to set an experimental flag by placing the setting as a menu item. Go to Chrome → Hide Notifications Icon. For version 35, try disabling “Enable Synced Notifications” (chrome://flags/#enable-sync-synced-notifications).

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