How to improve Angular performance by disabling debugging

Angular gives elements classes such as ng-scope and ng-isolate-scope to help tools such as Batarang and Protractor retrieve debugging information. In production, these are unnecessary, and can be disabled to speed up your client-side application. This is how you disable debugging information in Angular: myApp.config(['$compileProvider', function ($compileProvider) { $compileProvider.debugInfoEnabled(false); }]);

How to throttle scroll events in AngularJS

If you watch the scroll event, you will probably find yourself handling far more events than you need. The scroll event fires really quickly, and that can be a problem on mobile devices. The following Angular directive will call a specified scroll event every 250 milliseconds. angular.module(‘hereApp.directive’).directive(‘onScroll’, function($timeout) { ‘use strict’; return { scope: { […]