How to fix ImportMismatchError in Python

If you get an ImportMismatchError when running a Python app, it’s likely that you have some Python bytecode files (*.pyc) from a different runtime. For example, this happens when I run my Python unit tests inside a Docker container, then try to run them again in PyCharm. Here is an example error message: /…/env/bin/python2.7 “/Applications/PyCharm […]

What is “ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: __gCrWeb”?

I have seen this error in our Sentry logs, and after some research, it appears to be an error that can safely be ignored. It only happens in Chrome on iOS, most likely at random, and it is seemingly unrelated to the page being viewed. It has been tweeted about, but there doesn’t seem to […]

Fixing ‘Can’t use function return value in write context’ in PHP

You might have encountered this error in one of your PHP scripts. Although the reason for this problem is a testament to how completely messed PHP is, it is quite simple. Let’s take a look at this function for example: if(empty(trim($var))){ //Can’t use function return value in write context … The reason is that empty() […]