Google Drive trash won’t empty? Here’s the fix

When you try to empty the Google Drive trash, it sometimes seems as if the files are not being deleted. When you reload the page, the files are still there, and the space isn’t freed. The solution is really simple: just wait! Google Drive takes a while to delete the files in the trash. If […]

Knowing the difference between mtime, ctime and atime

If you are dealing with files, you might wonder what the difference is between mtime, ctime and atime. mtime, or modification time, is when the file was last modified. When you change the contents of a file, its mtime changes. ctime, or change time, is when the file’s property changes. It will always be changed […]

Quick tip: delete and skip the trash

Want to delete you collection of duck videos right away? In Windows Explorer, press Shift+delete to skip the trash and delete selected files. There is not an equivalent command in OS X, but you can always use the rm command in Terminal.