Push a git to multiple repositories at once

If you want to push a git to several remote repositories at one, use this simple command: git remote set-url –add –push [repository] [url] For example, here’s how I add Ignition’s GitHub repo to origin: git remote set-url –add –push origin https://github.com/nicbou/Ignition

How to create aliases to git commands

You can set aliases for common git commands using the following command: git config –global alias.poule pull In this instance, we create an alias for git pull so git poule does a pull. Since we have used the –global flag, this applies to all of your projects. Here is a more useful alias. It shows […]

How to edit commits and erase mistakes from git history

Although I always take the right measures to keep my database passwords to myself, I’ll sometimes accidentally push a settings file with a little bit too much information and only notice a few commits later. Fortunately, I always notice before other people start pulling my work from the public repo. In this tutorial, I will […]