Remove the Chrome notification icon from the Windows task bar

Since a recent Chrome update, a new bell icon popped up in the Windows task bar. I have recently posted an article showing you how to disable it in OS X, and it turns out the steps are the same for Windows users. You can disable this notification icon in 3 easy steps: Open chrome://flags […]

Fix a slow msysgit Git Bash

If you are using msysgit’s “Git bash” on Windows 7, you might have found it much slower than a standard shell. To solve this problem, run it as an administrator. This is a small UAC bug, but the fix is rather simple. Here is a bug report about it:

Quick tip: delete and skip the trash

Want to delete you collection of duck videos right away? In Windows Explorer, press Shift+delete to skip the trash and delete selected files. There is not an equivalent command in OS X, but you can always use the rm command in Terminal.

Missing UX: Improperly ejected flash drives in Windows

If you are using Windows, you are certainly familiar with this dialog: This is the dialog that shows up when you reinsert a flash drive that was not safely ejected using the awkward task bar dialog. There are several problems with this dialog. First, it’s needlessly threatening. It sounds like your drive is broken, and […]

Change the logon keyboard layout in Windows 7

If you have recently changed keyboard layouts on Windows 7, you might have realized the logon screen isn’t necessarily changing its keyboard layout. To fix this, go in Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Welcome screen and new user accounts and click Copy Settings